Corrigé                                                                  COMPRÉHENSION


1. The characters’names are Lisa and Thomas.


2. Lisa is the narrator.


3.      Country: South Africa. A veld. (l. 32) / Exact location: Lisa's home. "You're here under my roof:' (I. 20) / Time of day: at night. "Where can you go, at this time of the night?" (I. 53)


4. "And you're not going to tell me that, because the government uses violence it demands a violent reaction" (l. 28‑29)


5. Lisa has found out that Thomas has put a bomb meant for the President, and that innocent people have been killed.


6. 1.l and 6 : it.

l. 4 and 7 : a thing like that.

2. She finds it so shocking that she feels unable to use the right words.


7. "I can't see how anyone can think of violence as a solution for anything." (l. 12‑13)

2. "And you're not going to tell me that, because the government uses violence it demands a violent reaction" (l. 28‑29) / “if you resort to violence doesn’t it make you as bad as your enemy?” l.29-30


8         1.The end justifies the means. (.l 26)

2. Because the government uses violence it demands a violent reaction. (l. 28‑29)

3. “You are not going to”l. 26./ “don’t try to tell me” l. 37-38


9. 1.Thomas. 2. people /Anybody. 3. Anybody 4. Thomas. 5. Lisa. 6.Thomas. 7. Lisa. 8.The victims./”innocent” people 9. People's deaths/ the fact that they died.


10)  1. Patronised (l. 17). end (l. 26). Demand (l. 29). Prevent (l. 32) .

2. Starkness (l. 41). Further (l. 47). Dismayed (l. 51). Endanger (l. 52).


11)  The man : grateful. /The woman : shocked, tender. / Both: caring. / Neither of them: overjoyed, relieved.



















p 23 LOGBOOK     EXO C Speech tags

b. In dialogue 1: the reader knows who is speaking and what he/she is saying.

In dialogue 2: the reader knows who is speaking, what he/she is saying and how they are saying it; the reader knows how the speakers feel.


c. In dialogue 2, the man “murmurs” and “moans”. This means he feels very unhappy. The girl “confesses”, which means she does not want to hurt him. Perhaps she is going to tell him an unpleasant piece of news.

In dialogue 3, the man is very angry; the girl wants to calm him down.


d. The line of silence means the man is so surprised that he does not know what to say.


e. In dialogue 3, the reader knows the man is furious, almost violent. Perhaps he suspects something is going on between her and their boss.

In dialogue 4, it is more diffi cult for the reader to know for sure what the man and the girl really feel.


p 32 LOGBOOK    

Dialogue 1 :

Mr. O’Keefe was sitting at his desk in his small office in Moscow. He was writing a memo for his colleagues in England, when suddenly a beautiful young woman entered his office and looked at the empty desk opposite him.


Dialogue 2

Mary took the documents from the car as the man had told her to; just as she arrived at the bar to give them to someone who was waiting for her, she was arrested by two men in a blue car and was brought to a small room in an unmarked building.One of the men was questioning her :


p.33 no. 3 

"Are you here on a mission? " asked the old man quietly.

"Yes, I have to make sure there are no leaks this time" the younger man answered coldly.

"What do you mean?" he whispered

"Leave no one behind"

"Do you mean you want to get rid of me?" he asked in an anxious voice.

"Yes", he said and put his hand in his pocket.

"But why now? I’ve been living here for such a long time. I’m just an innocent old man" he added.

"Sorry, that’s the boss’s decision."

"Is that true?" he asked.

"Sorry" he replied, pulling the trigger.


Livre exo 6 passif

He was kidnapped by 3 men ;

He was pushed into a car and then gagged and blindfolded ;

He was taken to a shutdown office and was interrogated...























Close your eyes Ferme les yeux


I hadn't slept all night from anxiety Je n'avais pas fermé l'œil de la nuit tellement ·j'étais angoissé


The robber will presumably be arrested soon Tout porte à croire que le voleur ne tardera pas à se faire arrêter


Lots of families went west in the early 1930s Beaucoup de familles partirent pour l'Ouest au début des années trente.


I paid $500 for this second-hand car. J'ai payé cette voiture d'occasion $500.


It's about time you did as you are told Il est grand temps que tu fasses ce qu'on te dit.


This exercise is exceedingly difficult - Cet exercice est d'une difficulté extrème


Jill cried herself to sleep Jill s'est endormie à force de pleurer.


I had my car washed J'ai fait laver ma voiture.


Let's walk back. shall we? Rentrons à pied, veux-tu?


My father is a doctor. Mon père est médecin.


His shirt was brilliantly white. Sa chemise était d'une blancheur éclatante


The children seemed happy, which surprised him L'apparent bonheur des enfants le surprit


She swam across the river Elle a traversé la rivière à la nage.


He looked around. Il regarda autour de lui


The two men inside the bar were watching tv. Les deux hommes qui se trouvaient à l'intérieur du bar regardaient la télévision


I saw a man with a black hat. J'ai vu un homme coiffé d'un chapeau noir


He looked the picture of health. Il respirait la santé


He is astonishingly calm. Il est d'un calme surprenant


They refused me the loan of a vehicle Ils ont refusé de me prêter un véhicule


She never explained to anyone why she was afraid. Elle n'a jamais expliqué à la personne la raison de sa peur


It was love at first sight. C'était le coup de foudre


No vacancies. Complet


Keep off the grass. Pelouse interdite


This politician keeps lying. Cet homme politique ne cesse de mentir


He entered the room in order to give us some news / information. Il entra dans la pièce pour nous donner une information. (des renseignements)


I agree with you, she is very nice. Je suis d'accord avec toi, elle est sympathique.


I'm used to working in the evening. J'ai l'habitude de travailler le soir


This one is different from that one. Celui -ci est différent de celui -là.


In today's world, pollution affects many cities. Dans le monde d'aujourd'hui la pollution touche beaucoup de villes


He died two years ago Il est décédé il y a deux ans


According to the mayor, six hundred people listened to his speech during the picnic. Selon le maire, six cents personnes écoutaient son discours pendant le pique-nique.


You are very successful ... Vous avez beaucoup de succès.


This business is going through an unprecedented crisis. Cette entreprise connaît une crise sans précédent


She gives me advice every day. Elle me donne des conseils tous les jours


Many young people all over the world want to enjoy life. Beaucoup de jeunes partout dans le monde veulent profiter de la vie.


He told me he saw a blue-eyed girl. Il m'a dit qu'il a vu une fille aux yeux bleus.


He told me a story about / that deals with love Il m'a raconté une histoire qui parle d'amour


Everybody is ready for the scientific experiment. Tout le monde est prêt pour l'expérience scientifique.


I've been waiting for two hours. J'attends depuis deux heures.


One million consumers (manage to be / succeed in being) reimbursed each year. Un million de consommateurs arrivent à être remboursés chaque année.


Take advantage of the offer but tell the truth. Profitez de l'offre mais dites la vérité.