(Prépo +)  Ving

Struggle to BV

A reason for Ving

Fight to BV

Have no intention of Ving

Want (sb) to BV

I don’t mind Ving

In order  to BV= so as to BV

Spend time Ving

Expect (sb) to BV

 Like Ving

I would like (sb) to BV

Love Ving

Allow (sb) to BV

Be fond of Ving

Forbid (sb) to BV

Be keen on Ving

Ban (sb) to BV

Enjoy Ving

Enable (sb) to BV

It’s no use Ving

Decide  to BV

Be busy Ving

Refuse to BV

Go on Ving

Ask (sb) to BV

Stop Ving

Force (sb) to BV

Feel like Ving

Try  to BV

I can’t help  Ving

Advise (sb) to BV

I can’t stand / bear Ving

Tell (sb) to BV

Reproach sb for / with Ving

Prefer (sb) to BV

Blame sb for Ving

Start  to BV

I’m interested in Ving

It is difficult / important / necessary … (for sb) to BV


Remember to BV