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Classroom English (recap + practise)

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Classroom English




Pardon? / I didn’t hear what you said./

Say it again please

Demander à qq’un de répéter

Er,let me see/think…   Just a moment …

Se donner du temps pour chercher ses mots

Do you see what I mean ?  Do I make myself clear ?

Verifier qu’on vous comprend

By the way …/Before I forget…

Ajouter qq’chose

Can you speak more slowly, I can’t follow you.

Demander à parler - vite

I’m afraid I have forgotten to do my homework, sorry miss !

S’excuser de ne pas avoir fait son travail

I can’t see; Can you switch on the light? /

Can you draw the curtains?

Demander de la lumière

How shall I put it ?

Se donner du temps pour réfléchir

Sorry, I’m late ; my alarm-clock didn’t ring /

The car didn’t start./ I missed my bus

S’excuser d’être en retard

Really ?    / I see   

Montrer son intérêt

What ? Eh [ei] ?

Demander à repeater de façon informelle

How do you say “…“ in English?  

What does “…” mean in French ?

Demander un mot

I think there is a mistake on the board.

I think X has made a mistake

Signaller une faute

Could you step aside? I can’t see the board.

Demander à se pousser du tableau

Are you with me ? Got it ?

Demander de façon informelle si on nous a compris

Can you spell that word, please?

Demander à épeler

Could you speak up, I can’t hear.

Demander à parler + fort

Does that mean …?  Do you mean …?

Verifier qu’on comprend correctement

I’d like to make another point: … /

I’d also like to say …

Changer de sujet, passer à autre chose

I totally (dis)agree with you

Exprimer son (dés)accord

I’m afraid I don’t know/ I’ve got no idea.

S’excuser de ne pas connaître la réponse

Now, to get back to what I was saying

Revenir sur le sujet (revenir à ses moutons)

So, basically, the thing is … / In other words, …

Simplifier et reformuler ses propos


Practise :

Complete the following extracts from conversations:



“No, sorry, I don’t understand a single word !


Sure ! it’s B-O-A-R-D”

“Do you know when the American Civil war broke out ?

“No, ___________________________________________________________________________”


“You know it is 10 minutes past 8 !!!”



“The South developed slavery because, er … _________________________________________ …

because they needed a heavy manpower to pick the cotton and there was no machinery to do it.”

“Now that I have finished with slavery, _______________________________________________ :

I’d like to talk about the “cultural” differences between the North & the South of the USA; …


“Oh sorry, I didn’t realise you couldn’t see the board.”


“I will repeat, but you could be more polite for Christ ‘s sake !!!”


“It’s been the 3rd time this month ! I can’t tolerate it any longer ! You HAVE TO do your homework”

“For next time, I want you to learn your lesson ; and _____________________________________

I also want you to bring your books in class.”

“Why are you late ?”