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Hide the right side of the page to see if you can translate these simple sentences 

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Exemple de conversation

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Les façons de ˝dire

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Modèle de lettre

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Phrases d’introduction

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Hide the right side of the page to see if you can translate these simple sentences  

His shirt was brilliantly white.

·         Sa chemise était d’une blancheur éclatante

The children seemed happy, which surprised him

·         L’apparent bonheur des enfants le surprit

She swam across the river

·         Elle a traversé la rivière à la nage.

He ran out of the concert.

·         Il est sorti du concert en courant

He looked around.

·         Il regarda autour de lui

The two men inside the bar were watching tv.

·         Les deux hommes qui se retrouvaient à l’intérieur du bar regardaient la télévision

I saw a man with a black hat.

·         J’ai vu un homme coiffé d’un chapeau noir

He looked the picture of health.

·         Il respirait la santé

He is astonishingly calm.

·         Il est d’un calme surprenant

They refused me the loan of a vehicle

·         Ils ont refusé de me prêter un véhicule

He eventually agreed to negotiate

·         Finalement il a accepté la negotation

She never explained to anyone why she was afraid.

·         Elle n’a jamais expliqué à la personne la raison de sa peur

Keep off the grass !

·         Pelouse interdite !

No vacancies.

·         Complet

It was love at first sight.

·         C’était le coup de foudre

Life is better here


·         On vit mieux ici



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Exemple de conversation


Anna is in her apartment in New York and receives a telephone call from her mother in Pueblo. She pours herself a glass of wine and sits down on the plush sofa in the sitting room.


“Hallo Anna,” said Mrs. Martino breathlessly, “This is your mother speaking. Have you got time to have a chat?”

“Yes, of course, Mum. Are you in the phone box? Would you like me to call you back” asked Anna.

“No thanks, I’ve got lots of change for the phone so we can talk for a few minutes. How are you?” she enquired politely.

“I’m very well, thank you, although I am a bit tired because of the long hours I work every day” she answered in a calm voice. “As I’ve got three new employees, I’ve had to work very long hours this week. I hope everything is fine in Pueblo. Do you like the new TV I sent you?”

“Of course we love it, but sometimes I wonder if the children aren’t paying too high a price for all these expensive things. As for me, I think you should send them less things and come to visit them.” she advised. “ Despite everything  that you do for them they suffer, because the other kids in the neighbourhood resent them. On the one hand your children are rich, on the other hand they are rejected by many of the local kids. I’ve forbidden them to invite the other children, since someone stole the 15 new Nintendo games you sent them.” she explained.

“I’ve already forbidden you to invite all those horrible children to the house. “ Anna retorted.

“My children are the best in the neighbourhood and must have everything they want. I work my fingers to the bone, so that they can have everything they need. I’ve made lots of sacrifices so that they can have a great future,” added Anna in angry voice. “Mum, someone has rung at the door, I have to answer it” she said apologetically, “I’ll phone you back next week. Be at the phone box at 9pm next Wednesday,” she ordered.   “Bye, bye. I’ve got to go.”


She put down the phone, drank the whole glass of wine, lit a cigarette and turned on the TV and watched an episode of Colombo on her huge TV screen. She would talk to her mother another day.




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. accuse                       accuser

. acknowledge            reconnaître

. add                            ajouter

. admit                        admettre.

. affirm                       affirmer

. (dis)agree                 approuver

. announce                annoncer

. answer                     répondre

. apologize                s'excuser

. approve                  approuver

. argue                      discuter

. beg                          supplier

. break off (stop)     s'interrompre

. burst out (exclaim) s'exclamer

. call                           appeler

. command                   ordonner

. complain                  se plaindre

. confess                      avouer

. confirm                     confirmer

. croak                   parler d'une voix rauque

. cry                      s'écrier

. declare               déclarer. .

. demand               exiger

. deny                       nier

. exclaim                 s'exclamer

. explain                   expliquer

. groan, moan             gémir

. grumble, grunt              grogner

. inquire        demander

. insist             insister

. interrupt     interrompre

. joke               plaisanter

. lie                     mentir 

. mumble         marmonner

. offer              proposer

. object           objecter

. observe          faire observer

. order              ordonner

. plead          supplier

. pray             prier

. proclaim     proclamer

. promise         promettre

. propose      proposer

. protest          protester

. rave                 délirer

. remark           faire une remarque

. repeat           répéter

. report               rapporter

. reproach          reprocher

. retort                 répliquer

. scream, shout, yell  hurler, crier

. sigh          soupirer

. suggest           suggérer

. stammer, stutter         bégayer

. wail, whine           gémir

. whisper             chuchoter

. wonder               se demander


He apologised

He accused

He said apologetically

He said accusingly

He said in an apologetic voice

He said in an accusing voice

Other adverbs : calmly/ bluntly/ loudly/ softly/ (im)politely /quickly/ slowly/ (dis)honestly/ nicely/ nastily




“ I live here ”,  she stated.

                          she said.

                          she said TO him.

                          she told him


“ Where is he ? ”  she asked (him).

                               she inquired.


“ Here ”           he answered.

                          he replied.


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Modèle de lettre


                                             Apt. 18

                                                                                                              245,  58th St.

                                                                                                              New York 762XY


                                                                                                            September 30th, 2002  


Dear  Angel and Misa,


Thank you for your letter which came yesterday and made me very happy. As soon as I received it I sat down to read it immediately, even though I had lots of work to do.  The moment when your letter arrives is the best moment of the month for me. I keep all of your letters and when/whenever  I feel sad and  lonely, I take your letters and re-read them and they make me happy again.


In your letter, you told me that your  teacher punished you for arriving late at school. You know that you are forbidden to arrive at school late. You have got to get up early and arrive on time at school. You don’t have to get up early at the weeknd, however you must respect the rules of the school. Before  you go to school don’t forget to eat a big breakfast and to brush your teeth before you go. Remember how important school is;  you have to work hard at school in order to be successful in life. I want you to be the best students at school ; that’s why I’m paying Paco to give you extra lessons so that you will succeed in all your exams.   I hope that you listen to your grandmother and that you help her at home. I wish that I could be there with you to watch you grow and tell you what to do. Maybe I’ll be able to come back home one day, but in the meantime I want you to be the brightest, best-dressed children in the neighbourhood.


My life here is the same as always. I get up at about six thirty and then my long day of hard work begins.  No one can earn as much money as I do unless they work very hard. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not paying too high a price in staying here. I miss you all very much and that’s why  I sometimes  cry myself to sleep at night.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


All my love,






Page 5


Phrases d’introduction


He said

He said to her

He told her

He insisted

He asked

He inquired

He answered

He replied

He promised

He offered

He retorted

He suggested

He blurted out

He admitted

He whispered

He (dis)agreed

He ordered


Page 6






Accordingly: en consequence

As a consequence: par consequent

As a result: par consequent

As a result of + nom: a cause de

For this reason: pour cette raison

That`s why: c`est pour cette raison

Therefore: par consequent

Hence: d`ou

So : ainsi

Thus: ainsi

Subsequently: par la suite

Then: puis



Because of/ as a result of

Owing to/ due to                   +nom: a cause de

(……)Because/since/as(….): puisque



(….)But, whereas, while(……….)

By contrast: au contraire

By way of contrast: contrairement

On the one hand…..,on the other hand……

……..instead:  au lieu de cela

Instead of +nom ou V+ing: a la place de

Unlike +nom : contrairement à


In spite of that: malgre cela

(…..)Eventhough/although,(……):meme si

however: cependant

nonetheless: malgre tout

nevertheless: neanmoins



Also/Too (en fin de phrase): aussi/de meme

Furthermore: en outre

Moreover: de plus

Besides: d`ailleurs

In addition: de surcroit



In comparison: en comparaison

In the same way: de meme

Likewise: egalement, pareillement



e.g. (example gratia): par exemple

for example/for instance: par exemple

such as : tel que





In many /some ways: a bien des egards

In many/some respects: a certains egards

To some extent

To a certain extent: dans une certaine mesure



In this/that respect: a cet egard

In other respects: a d`autres egards



First/firstly: premierement

First and foremost: tout d`abord

First of all/ to begin with/

In the first place              : pour commencer




To conclude/ in conclusion/


Last but not least: en dernier (mais non par ordre d`importance)



In a nutshell: en un mot

In short/ in a word: en bref

To make a long story short: en 2 mots



i.e. (id est)/ that is to say: c`est a dire

namely: a savoir

indeed: en effet



Actually: en realite/ a vrai dire

As a matter of fact: en fait

really: vraiment

indeed: en effet

not only…..but also:  non seulement….mais encore







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